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We serve all cemeteries in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area including, but not limited to:

          Make arrangements in the comfort of your own home!

          Conference Call and
          Video Conference Arrangements Available


          California Department of Consumer Affairs
          Consumer Guide to Funeral Purchases

          Cemetery Property
          Save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars with
          a referral through
          Bay Area Mortuary!

          Additional Items
          • Caskets & Urns
          • Flowers
          • Limousines
          • Motorcycle Escort
          • Prayer Cards (100)
          • Guest Registers
          • Pallbearer Gloves
          • Crucifix
          • Rosary
          • Video Tributes

          Motorcycle Escort

          Markers & Monuments

          Contact us for wholesale discounts on markers and monuments

          Mortuary Staff & Facility


          Main Chapel seats 150
          (up to 3 hours)
          Mon - Fri until 5pm ... $695/715
          Evenings and Weekends ...
          add $500/515

          Small Chapel seats 20
          (up to 3 hours)
          Mon - Fri until 5pm ... $495/510
          Evenings and Weekends ...
          add $500

          ID Viewing
          (up to 20 minutes)
          Includes Wash/Feature Set
          Mon - Fri 9am-5pm ... $300/330

          Use of Mortuary Facilities

          Autopsy or Organ Donations
          (max 2 hours) ..... $500/515

          Ritual Washing & Care
          (max 2 hours) ..... $500/515

          Each additional hour $225/235

          At Bay Area Mortuary Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to personalize and individualize each funeral service so that it is a truly memorable experience. To assist families in understanding the many different options that are available, we have outlined some popular service offerings. Any of these can be enhanced to meet your needs when discussing  arrangements with our funeral counselors.

          Arrangements may be made in person at our office, by telephone or by online video conference.  We realize that many people have busy schedules so we make the arrangements process as easy as possible.

          Our Service Packages are designed to offer significant cost savings.

          *Cash Discount Price in White*


          Personalization and a variety of container (urn) sizes and styles are available for cremation. As for services, a traditional funeral service with an open or closed casket can, and often does take place before a cremation. Another option is to hold a memorial service after cremation with or without the urn present. A third option is cremation without a funeral or memorial service.

          Whether you choose burial and a "touchstone" for the garden, a cemetery memorial, mausoleum vault with a plaque, or decide on a scattering under a newly planted tree, you and your family will have the opportunity to memorialize your loved one and keep him or her close to you for years to come.

          Direct Cremation Package - $1,495 / 1,540

          Includes the basic services of Funeral Director and staff, local transfer of decedent from place of death, sheltering of remains up to 7 days, $65 per day thereafter, transport to crematory, cremation and basic container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of fiberboard or composite materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are constructed of hardwoods, composite material and/or heavy cardboard. By law, all remains received for cremation must be encased in a rigid, combustible container.

          Direct cremation with container provided by purchaser ..... $1385 / 1427

          Witnessed cremation ..... from $2,220 / 2285
          Rush/Scheduled cremation ..... add $300 / 310
          Weight in excess of 300 lbs. ..... add $2,120 / 2,180
          General Sea Scatter .... add $200 / 210
          Shipment of cremains within the U.S. by Registered Mail ..... $140 / 145


          Immediate Burial - $1,945 / 2,005

          Includes basic services of Funeral Director and staff, local transfer of decedent from place of death, refrigerated sheltering (3 days), delivery to local cemetery in a utility vehicle, no services, no family present.

          Graveside Burial Services - $2,595 / 2,675

          Includes basic services of Funeral Director and staff, local transfer of decedent from place of death, refrigerated sheltering (3 days), funeral coach/hearse, transfer to local cemetery, and the graveside service.

          Traditional Burial Services - $3,620 / 3,730

          What was once considered a "Traditional Funeral" is quite different today. Generations followed the age-old process that included a wake, visitation period of one to three days, with church service and burial following.

          Today's funerals are more of a celebration of life and less structured, often reflecting the personality, life and times of the beloved friend or family member.

          Included in the cost of a Traditional Service:

            Basic services of our Funeral Director and staff, preparation of all necessary documentation (including legal documentation and death certificates), the local transporting of the deceased to our mortuary, refrigerated sheltering (3 days), embalming and preparation of the deceased including dressing and cosmetics. Includes three-hour service in our chapel, funeral coach/hearse, transport to church, cemetery and graveside service. Or, transport to crematory.

          Additional expenses NOT included:

           Casket, flowers, memorial items such as a registry book, clothing, autopsy repair, and cemetery/church costs.

          Additional Items and Services

          Contact us for special items and services such as flowers, guest registers, pallbearer gloves, rosaries, video tributes, limousines, motorcycle escort, butterfly releases, dove releases, etc.

          International Shipping Specialists
          Around the Country or Around the World


          Bay Area Mortuary Services provides 24-hour repatriation and mortuary shipping services worldwide. We process all documentation required for international shipping, schedule the flight, track the shipment, and coordinate the completion of the repatriation process anywhere in the world.

          Receiving Remains - $1,595 / 1,645
          Includes basic services of Funeral Director and staff, transfer from San Jose International Airport, unscheduled delivery to local cemetery (in a utility vehicle, no services, no family present).

          Re-file and obtain California burial permit ..... $62 / $65

          Forwarding Remains - $2,095 / 2,160
          Includes basic services of Funeral Director and staff, local transfer of decedent to our mortuary, embalming, combo unit and transfer of decedent to San Jose International Airport.

          International document processing ..... From $250 / 265
          Transport to San Francisco/Oakland Airport ..... Add $200 / 205

          The California Health and Safety Code, Section 7100 identifies who has the right to make decisions about the disposition arrangements after an individual's death if no directions are left.  Family Code Sections 297 and 297.5were added January 1, 2005 to include registered domestic partners to the following list of individuals. The responsibility for making decisions devolves in the following order:

          Agent under a Power of Attorney Agreement
          Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner
          Adult Children
          Adult Siblings
          Other Competent Adult Kin

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