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There are many reasons that pre-planning is not only beneficial to you but also to your whole family.

At the time of a family loss, your attention should be paid to the emotional needs of family and loved ones... not to the numerous details of arranging a funeral service.

Bay Area Mortuary Services has flexible options for pre-arranging a funeral, and we highly recommend that individuals consider making their arrangements ahead of time. This assures that you, or your loved one's, wishes will be carried out, and alleviates family members from the additional burden of last minute decision making.

Additionally, it is inevitable that prices and costs will increase over time. Bay Area Mortuary Services has an inflation proof plan that lets you buy tomorrow's products and services at today's cost. Our prepayment plan will guarantee the cost of our services and merchandise for the future.

A Pre-Need with Bay Area Mortuary Services is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give to those who love you.

•    It allows you to make unhurried informed decisions while your emotions are at rest.

•    It requires you to organize your important documents so your survivors will have the information they need, and so insurance or other benefits due you won't be overlooked.

A Bay Area Mortuary Services Pre-Need Allows You To:

•    Choose a reasonable budget.
•    Have the option to set aside the funds over a period of time.
•    Protect your family from having to make such decisions at a difficult time.
•    Make your wishes known to your loved ones.
•    Make your own decisions about the type of service, merchandise and price.
•    Prevent emotional overspending by family members who can only guess what   you might have wanted.
•    Lock in today’s prices for services that may not be needed for many years.

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