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Domestic and International Mortuary Shipping

Domestic and International Shipping

Whether you need to arrange to move a deceased family member across the United States, or return a loved one back to their country of origin (repatriation); the issue of transporting a body is an added dilemma for many when it comes to making funeral arrangements.

Bay Area Mortuary Services specializes in both domestic and international shipping. We have extensive experience with the legislation and procedures governing many aspects of the mortuary shipping process.  We will handle the bureaucracy and coordinate all local, state, and receiving country consulate paperwork as well as the booking of all domestic and international flights. Our team of mortuary shipping specialists will also liaise with the receiving country, or state, funeral provider to ensure a seamless transportation process.

Our knowledge, contacts and expertise have made us the “go-to” funeral home in the San Francisco Bay Area when it comes to the shipping of deceased loved ones.

One call to Bay Area Mortuary will put your mind at ease as we handle the safe and dignified transportation of your loved one to their final resting place.

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